Time to Realign - Hellerwork Structural Integration with Janelle

Please note - I have limited availability during February/March/April of 2019.

During this time I'll have one day per month available. For this reason, a prepaid deposit is required, as is an extended cancellation policy (4 days).

Get pain relief through a combination of myofascial deep tissue massage and movement lessons (similar to Rolfing)

Are you hurting? Stressed? Tense & tight? Frustrated?

Are you dealing with physical challenges that no one seems to be able to help?

Is your body feeling out of whack?

Do you notice your posture isn't what you'd like it to be?

Are you a highly sensitive person who gets easily overwhelmed?

Welcome! I'm Janelle.

I'm here to remind you of the feelings of ease, joyousness and freedom your body can know.

I have a feeling you want:

  • better posture and flexibility.
  • freedom from old or current injuries.
  • to feel ALIVE in your body - connected to body, mind and spirit.

And you're tired of feeling uncomfortable. You know:

  • that aging can be graceful, not uncomfortable and awkward.
  • this isn't how you're meant to feel, and if you could just find someone to help you out, you'd be doing all right.

You're also here because:

  • you're dealing with grief, or sitting on the edge of transition and looking for some support to get you through the groundless place you're in.
  • you really want a kick-start towards positive physical, mental and emotional change.
  • you know you can feel much better with a little help.
  • you're finally 'selfish' enough to start paying attention to your body and heart.
  • you enjoy intense experiences and you're ready to get to know your body better.
  • you've been through a lot of change in your life.

Welcome! You're in the right place.

This work is just right for you if:

  • you want long-lasting long-term results
  • you want to get to know your body/mind/psyche better
  • you're a very sensitive person seeking tools and skills to function better (I've got a lot to share!)

This work is not for you if:

  • you want a quick fix
  • you don't like making changes on your own (doing your homework) between sessions

But first, I have to say...

You are not broken. You just need a little help getting unstuck.

As an experienced and compassionate Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, I love getting people onto a restorative and healing path.

Feeling stiff, stuck and uncomfortable in your body is not inevitable.  Poor posture can be helped. Likewise - aging doesn't have to feel awkward. Aches, pains and poor posture are treatable.

It's possible to find help by spending time treating your body, mind and spirit in healthy, restorative ways.

Hellerwork is an ideal way to address these issues in a supported way.

A little more about me:

I'm a Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, which I liken to being a personal change catalyst. In treatment, I use my hands, eyes and heart to help people find the moment we all love: when stress, discomfort and tension melts away.

I became a Hellerworker because I experienced the impact of the Hellerwork Series firsthand.

Going through the Series gave me an incredible taste of physical ease and freedom in my body, heart and mind. After my healing experience with Hellerwork, I was inspired to offer the same to others.

I know that personal change takes courage. It's an incredible process and I feel blessed when people ask me to be their trailguide, taking them into and through the work.

Here's how I can help you:

*Neck and shoulder releases and consultations

*Specialized neck and jaw work

*Individual Hellerwork sessions

*Hellerwork Structural Integration Series

Please, take your time to explore my services, find out more about the Hellerwork Structural Integration Series, peek at my background and training, read testimonials and then tell me what you need.

And, as a little side note: I also run workshops and writing circles: for women, to work through grief, and to write your memoirs. You can learn more about my creative arts offerings here.

The church says: The body is a sin.

Science says: The body is a machine.

Advertising says: The body is a business.

The body says: I am a fiesta!

-Eduardo Galeano