Time to Realign - Hellerwork Structural Integration with Janelle

Time to Realign

Hellerwork Structural Integration with janelle hardy


Here we are in January of 2015, in what seems like such a sudden entrance.

I’m feeling a sense of brightening, a quickening, and a real desire to take care of my physical self, and get some steady solid routines in place. How about you? What has this new year brought up for you?

ps - did you know I offer a discount for prepayment, as well as a sliding scale fee schedule? Just ask. Or read the newsletter to learn more.

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January 6th 2015


I am regularly humbled by the amazing folks who do this work and delighted by the incredible results they get physically and emotionally.

New news! I’ve added a couple offerings - work that bridges the space between my hands-on Hellerwork and my creative work. They are two in-person creative arts and healing workshops, at my home studio, starting in January.

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December 5th 2014


The weather’s been cold and dry - I’m loving it!

Join me for some free Embodied Creativity on my facebook guidance group, three times a week.

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November 12th 2014


On deep release and Hellerwork Structural Integration as a catalyst.

In which I also talk about how the creatives arts and healing arts intersect in my healing practice.

And how Devotional Paintings provide a catalyst towards getting unstuck emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Plus, it’s beautiful personalized art.

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October 14th 2014


In which I talk about grounding into routine, coming home to your body, courses on offer at the Duncan Island Savings Centre, and other bits and bobs.

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October 14th 2014


In which I talk about body-love, self-care, and my upcoming course in Duncan called Coming Home to Your Body.

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August 23rd 2014

July Newsletter

In which I talk about about how to balance your ribcage over your pelvis, and how that helps your shoulders stay square.

I also share news about some new courses I’m offering in Duncan at the Island Savings Centre this fall. One of those courses is called Coming Home to Your Body.

You’re invited to join my Coming Home to Your Body discussion on my facebook page (TimetoRealign), all about different body parts. Speaking of which, don’t your toes and feet feel so great in the summer! I know mine do.


August 23rd 2014



Living in our glorious bodies and enjoying the summer.

Check out my newsletter - all about the movement of a kayaker is a metaphor for healthy hip movement, an invitation to join in my Coming Home to Your Body discussion series on facebook¬†- so far we’ve chatted about the toes, feet and legs (click here to start with the toes).

And, of course, there’s a little bit about creativity and the body.¬†

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June 4th 2014


I’m loving the blossoming of May.

Check out my news - all about the piriformis muscle, some fun home facial and neck and shoulder release parties you can host and savings for clients that have gone through the Hellerwork Series (time for a tune-up!).

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May 10th 2014


April is flourishing.

Like the bright yellow daffodils, April is opening up to a feeling of growth, lightness and brightness. Exploring how you can flourish, and discovering how I am working on flourishing in both the healing and creative arts - it’s all in this newsletter!

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March 28th 2014