Time to Realign - Hellerwork Structural Integration with Janelle

Tension and discomfort led me to Structural Integration

Physical tension and emotional distress, nightly tooth grinding, grief, chronic fatigue and a sense of being old and sad combined to lead me to a Structural Integrator at the age of 25.

As I worked my way through the Structural Integration Series, I learned that deeply held emotions were bound up in my body; as physical tension was released, so was emotional tension.

As this emotional and physical tension loosened it's grip on my body, I grew in self-awareness.

Difficult experiences in my life had hardened places in my body into a sort of character armour. For the longest time I thought that I had incredibly tight physical restrictions - in my hips, upper back, shoulders, neck and jaw - that were permanent, I simply had to learn to live with them.

I was so relieved to discover that I could be free of this discomfort!

My upper shoulders and back regained sensation - in places I didn't even realize were tightly bound - places where the tension was so chronic it felt normal to me.

As sensation returned, old emotions surfaced, and as I noticed them and let them go I was able to experience a sense of physical and emotional freedom beyond anything I could have imagined.

These releases accompanied work on my jaw, work on my ankles and work on most areas of my body until, by the end of the series, I felt like an entirely new, confident and self-aware person.

My flexibility and agility improved, which was immediately noticeable in dance and yoga classes. My emotional range broadened from sad and lonely to include lighthearted, open and joyful.

The Structural Integration Series changed the direction of my life.

I went from feeling small, overwhelmed and uncomfortable in my body, to feeling open, light, loose and at ease. These changes were and are physical, emotional and mental.

As things shifted, my world expanded from a tight and contracted place to a much more friendly place.

I was so inspired I decided to become a Hellerwork Pracititioner.

My clients inspire me to continue being a Hellerwork Practitioner

The Hellerwork Structural Integration Series is an incredible catalyst. I continuously witness the physical, mental and emotional changes that people experience when they commit to doing the series with me. It's so exciting to see!

The 11 session series format is an incredible and powerful approach to true alignment: aligning people with their true selves, nudging them towards the lives they know they are meant to be living, in the bodies they are blessed to be experiencing life in.

My approach as a Practitioner

I'm a people watcher. I love seeing people's spirit expressed through their physicality. Watching people walk (and dance) says so much!

With a background in Hellerwork Structural Integration, Dance and Anthropology - how could I not adore witnessing spirit shining through the body and in movement?

Hellerwork is the perfect vocation in which to facilitate change and physical ease. 

I approach Hellerwork with a deep sense of empathy and compassion combined with listening skills in a safe place and welcoming environment. I bring caring, warmth and gentleness to the intense experience of physical and emotional change. I'm curious, I ask questions and I delight in people's stories.

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Work is love made visible.

Kahlil Gibran