Time to Realign - Hellerwork Structural Integration with Janelle


Talyn Martin, farmer/entrepreneur

Janelle Hardy's program changed my life regarding how I think about and how I move my body.

As a farmer I have a physically demanding job that requires my body to function properly every day. Janelle helped show me how to move properly and be more thoughtful about the way I do things.

I have recommended her to everyone I know who has had pain issues and they all love her.

Thank You.

Amber P., mapping technician

My naturopath recommended Janelle to me. I was experiencing tension headaches and tight shoulders. Regular massage felt great, but the results only lasted for a day or two - I was looking for lasting results.

Hellerwork makes so much sense to me. Combining the movement education and deep tissue massage was wonderful, and then having the discussion as well was the icing on the cake. I didn't realize how some of my emotions were impacting the way I held my body. To be able to release them through this process was really a gift... and Janelle made the process feel safe.

The biggest benefit - a serious reduction in tight shoulders, and the disappearance of tension headaches! And I loved having the Client's Handbook; I could prepare before each session, and I still have it for review!

Applying Hellerwork to my daily life is challenging, because it requires reprogramming the way my body has moved for a very long time! As time goes by, these little changes become integrated... and eventually you find that thinking is no longer required - your body is doing it.

Personally, I find it very useful for running. I think about my feet, ankles, knees, the slight twisting motion of my upper body, the head... all of it. Hellerwork has definitely helped my form, and helped me to train safer.

I have recommended Hellerwork to friends. It was the first treatment I found that fully addressed the physical issues I was having, and gave me the tools to help treat myself.

Angel H., artist

I kind of stumbled on Hellerwork partly by chance, partly by luck and partly by intention. I was looking for tools to get grounded into my body. What I found was a tool that not only did that, but also helped my posture, increased my confidence and integrated the other healing work I was doing.

I have since recommended Hellerwork to many people and one of them is actually so convinced of its merits that she is going on to learn the practice herself. It seems obvious to me that the disciplines of chiropracty and physiotherapy are both aiming todo what Hellerwork does but are missing the major integrational aspects of Hellerwork.

I highly recommend Janelle Hardy whose professionalism and gentle character make her an excellent practitioner.
I am more than happy with the results of my Hellerwork experience with Janelle Hardy.

Claire S., supportive child care worker

I was intrigued by the concept of integration and from the Hellerwork series I experienced a sense of newfound body awareness.

I appreciated the unique exploration of areas of the body that I never knew held tension, but found could be released. I've finished the series, but I still apply many of the homework exercises to my everyday health and wellness.

I think Hellerwork is worth trying and continuing. I participated in my own health and wellness beyond what the care of a massage therapist or physiotherapist would offer.

 Karin W., travel consultant

Before I tried Hellerwork Structural Integration, I perceived Hellerwork as a variation of massage. I now see that Hellerwork balances your body.

One of the joys in my life is to walk and hike. Through Hellerwork I've learned to walk properly therefore making my walks more comfortable and enjoyable.

Hellerwork has improved my posture while sitting, walking and standing. By being balanced in my body it has helped me to be more balanced in my life.

I definitely would recommend Hellerwork to anyone as it will help a person become more balanced in body and mind.

Jacklyn S., realtor

When I started the Hellerwork series I was excited to learn and connect more with my body. Which was accomplished! It was much more detailed than I had expected.

Not only did I reconnect with my body but I learnt a lot about myself and emotions that I was hanging onto and how these affect my posture. The massage was perfect for finding and releasing stress, tension and negative emotions.

The biggest benefit of doing the series was learning to listen to my body and training myself to check in to see what my emotions are doing to me physically.

I try to "check in" everyday and make a point to unload baggage and any negative emotions so they do not build back up. And my new posture is fantastic!

Of course I would recommend the Hellerwork series. Everyone needs to be more aware of what their body is saying and how their experiences hang on physically until properly dealt with.

Susana V., carpenter

Before Hellerwork I was always sore from work, and sometimes injured. Hellerwork made a big difference, FOR GOOD!

One of the biggest benefits I got from Hellerwork is that I learned more about myself, and how to be more in touch with my body. I learned to keep myself in balance. Another big benefit is that I do not get hurt as I used to. I am a carpenter and I really didn't know how to use my body properly. With Hellerwork Structural Integration; I learned to move and use the proper muscles in my daily work. Also I do not get tired as much.

I try to make it a habit to keep that balance in my body as I move by practicing the movement constantly. At the beginning it took more consciousness and practice. Now I feel it is just automatic, more natural. EVERYTHING FLOWS.

What I would like to do is to go back to the sessions for a tune-up. And for the deep tissue massages. I find them a very good way to liberate your tensions and relieve pain if there is any. A good reminder of the map of your body.

I absolutely recommend the Hellerwork series, it can give a healthy change to anyone's life.

Peter U., retired heavy equipment operator, whittler, musician

I had no fixed perception about Hellerwork before I started; I hoped it would work. And it did work!!

The series has allowed me to feel comfortable in doing the work that I was having great difficulty doing, and freedom of physical restriction to a range of motions taht had been seriously reduced.

Every day, every way, I apply Hellerwork to my life: I have changed the way I walk and move and breathe.

I tell everyone I know that has back problems to give the Hellerwork series serious thought, that it has made a significant difference in my life and well being. Not everyone's back problems can be remedied by Hellerwork, but I'll bet most can.

Danette R., music teacher, guitarist

I didn't really have any perceptions of Hellerwork before I tried it. I was intrigued by the integration of Rolfing, Alexander Technique and movement lessons.

Since doing the series, I'm still intrigued! Biggest lesson: I learned how posture and stance is related to emotions.

The biggest benefit of doing the series is:

  • I have more energy
  • I am more aware of my body and the messages it sends me
  • I learned to move more efficiently during exercise which continues to help me achieve my physical goals
  • It reinforced the connection between physical and emotional well being

I find practicing Hellerwork movement principles helps me avoid injury during exercise.

I would most definitely recommend the Hellerwork Structural Integration series! Because, "Janelle is a most trustworthy 'alignment advisor'" and "Janelle is a gentle instructor with a firm and knowledgeable elbow"  ;-)

M. K., chef

When I was considering Hellerwork Structural Integration I was concerned about painful sessions of deep massage. After going through the series, I cannot say there was no pain but definitely manageable pain, and that was always an option. The discomfort became obviously beneficial as the sessions unfolded.

I had been in a bit of a doldrum physically and emotionally and doing the series with Janelle helped me get on with new things and an attitude shift.

In my life, I do apply what I've learned from the Hellerwork series. I cannot go for a long walk without being cognizant of Janelle's coaching in how I am moving, holding my head, swinging my arms and how beneficial that can be to simply walking.

I would recommend this work for anyone that has ongoing painful areas due to stresses of physical work or for those who identify holding patterns that cause pain but are unable to relieve with exercise or other forms of body work.

Allison M., business support officer

Since doing the series, I now understand the whole process and importance of Hellerwork.

The biggest benefit of the Hellerwork series for me was realizing that emotions can build up in the body.

Since doing the series, posture is much better. Breathing has improved and learning to let the lower abdomen relax, ability to stand for long periods now.

I would recommend Hellerwork for anyone. It will teach the skills needed to move through life with listening to the body.

Hellerwork is also critical to people with skeletal problems, muscle problems, etc. I would highly recommend the Hellerwork process for anyone. I had no problems and yet it greatly helped me.