Time to Realign - Hellerwork Structural Integration with Janelle

Therapies, Fees and Payment Options

I charge rates based on a sliding scale fee schedule. This means that my rates per 1.5 hour session start at $155 and decrease.

Rates are calculated on pre-tax, pre-deductions family income, then adjusted by the number of dependents you have.

If your pre-tax family income is less than $75,000 per year you can ask for my sliding scale fee schedule.

If you don't want to participate in my fee assessment, your rate will be $155 per 1.5 hour session.

All fees include taxes.

Consultation & Neck and Shoulder Release - 30 minutes - FREE

One-time offer only.

This is a great way for us to meet each other, for you to find out more about Hellerwork and to experience relief in your neck and shoulders (one offer per person).

Single Hellerwork Session - 1.5 hours - $155 (or less, depending on sliding scale assessment)

If committing to the series isn't possible for you, a  tune-up session will provide much-needed relief from physical stress and tension.

To assess your fee, contact me and I'll e-mail you the sliding scale fee schedule.

Hellerwork Structural Integration Series - eleven 1.5 hour sessions
pay-as-you-go ($155 per session)
(or less, depending on sliding scale assessment)
or prepay & get your last session free (ie: save $155)

The full series ensures the longest-lasting change. There are eleven 1.5 hour sessions in the series with the first session in the series running between 1.5 and 2 hours long, no extra charge.

For more information on the Hellerwork Structural Integration Series, click here.

To assess your fee, contact me and I'll e-mail you the sliding scale fee schedule.

TMJ syndrome, bruxism (tooth-grinding) and  tooth clenching focused  session
1 hour - $105
(or less, depending on sliding scale assessment)

Discomfort in the jaw, mouth, face, head, neck and shoulders is released in this intensely focused hour.

This session is specifically focused on relieving the pain and tension and pressure that comes with tooth-grinding (bruxism), TMJ syndrome, and jaw clenching.

Payment options

I take payment by cash, cheque or credit card.

Please note: I am a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner. I am not an RMT (registered massage therapist). My training and approach (which uses myofascial release - also described as deep-tissue massage), is focused on alignment and posture.

Check with your benefits/health insurance provider. Some companies cover Hellerwork services but most do not.

Click here to learn more about Hellerwork Structural Integration's unique approach.

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