Time to Realign - Hellerwork Structural Integration with Janelle

What to expect in a session

We begin by connecting. I want to know what you've noticed, how you've been integration the work, what's getting your attention in the moment.

This verbal check-in is followed by structural and movement pattern assessments which I use to individualize the session to address your particular needs.

You will receive the bodywork primarily while lying on a massage table, although seated and standing work may be included.

Generally, Hellerwork feels like slow deep pressure followed by a pleasant sense of ease and release.

You may be asked to make slow movements while I guide the tissue, releasing patterns of strain and tension.

Sensations may range from pleasure to temporary discomfort depending on the condition of your body's tissue.

Hellerwork practitioners are skilled in working sensitively with you to determine an appropriate level of pressure, depth, and speed.

I teach you movement education and body/mind awareness so you can continue to make change on your own.

The Dialogue component of a Hellerwork session helps to enhance your awareness of the inseparable connection of mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Movement exercises are designed and taught to meet your individual needs. Mechanics involved in walking, sitting and standing are emphasized.

In general, clients report feeling a sense of lightness, length and well being upon completion of a session.

The release and rebalancing of your structure continues between sessions. Your body will integrate your awareness and build new relationships with gravity, ways of being and a sense of "excellence with ease".

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